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Have you been approached by someone who’s promised to lower your mortgage payment? Has a “foreclosure rescue” company guaranteed to keep you from losing your house? Don’t be fooled. mortgage modification and foreclosure avoidance scams are commonplace. Your local Bronx loan modification lawyer can help you modify your mortgage and keep you from becoming a fraud victim.


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Loan Modification – What you Need to Know

A loan modification is similar to a mortgage refinance in that the objective is to find you a more affordable mortgage payment. The main difference is that instead of shopping for a “new” loan, you will just simply “modify” the terms of your existing mortgage. Today’s tough economic times have turned the housing market upside down. Decreasing home values have made mortgage refinancing often impossible. There are ways however to save your home and avoid foreclosure.

Loan Modification Programs

The U.S. government in response to the thousands of families who find themselves facing possible foreclosure have created a number of programs to save your home. Because we are a loan modification law firm in Bronx, we will walk you through this often complicated process, assess your situation and help determine which programs is best for you and your situation

Loan Modification Process

To qualify, you need to prove that you’re in financial hardship, and that you can get back on your feet if they do grant you the change. We will help you prepare your case, the hardship letter, and negotiate with your lender. We will also closely examine your mortgage agreement and the circumstances of your prior mortgage process to see if your lender has committed any predatory lending violations, which we can use to support your appeal.

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Mortgage Modification Scams – Yes, Even in Bronx NY!

Unfortunately, scam artists are commonplace in the mortgage modification business. These criminals make false promises and guarantees, giving homeowners false hope and often robbing them of their hard-earned money. Beware of individuals and companies that approach you and offer to help you modify your home loan. According to the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, other warning signs include guaranteed loan modifications, as well as requests that ask you to sign over title to your property, redirect your mortgage payments or stop making payments altogether.

Loan Modification Help-Stop Foreclosure Attorneys

Loan Modification Help-Stop Foreclosure Attorneys

How Our Attorneys Help You With Loan Modifications

There are several ways in which a home loan modification lawyer can help you. Your attorney can:

Review your financial situation and explain your options, including mortgage modification, a short sale, refinancing and consumer


  • Work with your lender to help you secure a loan modification
  • Review any contracts the mortgage company asks you to sign
  • Take legal action on your behalf if you’ve been the victim of a mortgage scam artist
  • Lower your interest rate, which will lower your monthly payment
  • Convert your adjustable interest rate into a fixed rate…
  • Stop Foreclosure…
  • Work with you on Debt Reduction…

As a respected loan modification lawyer in Bronx, we are dedicated to helping homeowners stay in their homes, reduce your mortgage payment, stop foreclosure e and possibly reduce your principle..

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